Porcelain or Ceramic Tile Installation

How would you like your old kitchen and bath floors replaced with a brand new, meticulously installed custom tile floor that not only adds value to your property, it makes you smile each time you see it? 
Before and After
When you call (573)999-6336, David Henderson of Henderson Home Improvement LLC (HHI) you can make it happen.  

Below are the labor costs for some of the most common tile jobs that HHI performs.

Throughout are just a few samples of before and after images of tile and construction projects that HHI has completed.
I can meet with you and discuss your project and take measurements for material calculations or you can email me photos and a written description of what you would like replaced or remodeled. 
My labor rate for tile installation is based on a minimum job size, plus square footage and complexity of tile pattern chosen by the client.     
HHI can do much more than tile installation, as illustrated throughout this website.     
All jobs are performed with the highest quality of finished work in mind.
For a partial list of the most common jobs that I can perform, please see my page on "estimates and rates" by clicking here.
The prices listed on this website do not necessarily constitute an offer, but do serve as a guide. Estimates are free, and valid from the time of my submission and expire after 2 weeks.  
HHI does not add any profit margin to any material or labor costs.  Typically a 30% profit margin is added by many companies to their final bill. HHI estimates are strongly adhered to for final billing. 

The final price of any job is contingent on the actual cost of the materials used, and the actual work performed.    
I can be contacted by my email address: h4henderson@yahoo.com or you can simply call me (David Henderson) at (573)999-6336. 
I would love to talk to you about your project!