PVC Privacy fence and gate (with tree removal)

Before removing tree (necessary)
After cutting holes in concrete for posts
After removing tree and placing posts
privacy fence with gate complete
view with gate open
inside view

Masonary and Gate Repair

The photo on the left shows that the brick wall had settled and pulled away from the building (over many years).  This was not only cosmetically undesirable, but also rendered the gate unusable.  The gate had broken some of it's mounts and would no longer fit between the brick opening as a result of the settling.

I used a hydraulic jack and a safety line to prevent the wall from tipping (I had excavated under the brick, proximal to the building, in order to help the brick wall  drop against the building. 

The photo on the right is the after.  After straightening the wall I tucked it tight with mortar and concrete (I had to remove some of the sidewalk bricks to do this).  I then later refastened the gate to the brick, sanded and repainted the gate. 

The above photos show the new gate latch.  It is a very cool and unique ring latch that allows the gate to open and close from both directions.  The rings simply lift as the metal stub that I welded onto the gate passes under it and then falls and holds the gate closed.  A simple touch from under the ring lifts it and allows the gate to swing open.

I also had to modify the ring latch because it was too thick to fit between the gate and the brick.  I cut out an inch of metal and turned the the mounting bracket perpendicular to the ring latch and welded it in place.

Here's an example of my brick work.  I poured a substantial footing underneath.  12" thick with 4 pier tubes dropping below the frost line (30" here in Columbia, Missouri) and rebar.  The bricks are a pretty good match to the old brick work nearby.  It is noteworthy to mention that sometimes brick can not be matched closely or at all.  This one turned out acceptable. 

Hardwood Floor Repair

Good for another 80 years (dependent on wear & tear of course)   This particular house was built in the late 20s to early 30s (80-90 years ago).  The porch sloped toward the house and over time caused some water damage and termite damage as well.   The hardwood and subflooring were ruined.

After demo and repair of the supporting structure I custom milled tongue and groove oak flooring that I had salvaged from a farmhouse (this particular board size is not commercially available).  Installed the flooring and refinished the floor.

If you need hardwood flooring installed, please call me.  I love doing it and I'm very good at it.     

Door Jam Repair

Basement Remodel

Before and after photos (please click on the images to enlarge)

Pretty dramatic before and after transformation.  After cleaning the site and  repairing the burst water lines (copper) I removed the moldy paneling, damaged insulation and replaced it with new insulation and  fresh drywall, installed recessed lighting, new switches and outlets, installed porcelain floor tile, grouted and sealed, repaired and replaced missing or damaged storm windows, sanded, primed and painted windows (2 coats premium interior paint) and added new window locks,  new base trim and window trim and  a fresh paint job (included primer and 2 coats of premium paint).    Totally fixable.  Massive difference.

Another Bathroom Remodel

This is a slight improvement over the original.  This bathroom is in the basement and required a little concrete work to move the shower drain backwards for the new bathtub. 

Another Kitchen Remodel

A pretty dramatic change from the old kitchen (built 1957) to the new.  The cabinetry is cherry with stainless steel pulls.  The counter-top is a laminate, but has an appearance of granite.  

It is notable that I enlarged the arched opening into the kitchen from the dining area.  And of course I removed the pink wall tile.  

The kitchen had a much better layout by relocating the refrigerator.  It is also notable that I replaced the double hung windows with a simple plate glass window trimmed in cherry.  

These images show the exposed framing after removing the pink wall tile.  Interestingly the walls (built in 1957) had a half inch finish layer of plaster over another layer of half inch Sheetrock.  The "new" looking pine boards are simply spacers over the old studs, in order to bring out the board for the new Sheetrock to match the finish surface.  

Another Bathroom Remodel

A complete replacement (before and after shots).

A very happy client on this one, to be sure!

Another Bathroom Remodel

Complete tear-out and replacement of bathroom fixture, flooring and wall coverings.

 I had to move the bathtub and the entry door as well.  BTW, that bathroom door is probably about 70-80 years old.  I found a spare one in the basement.

Another Kitchen Remodel

Before and after photos (please click to enlarge the image)
An unsupervised water leak was the culprit of the damaged before kitchen.

Exterior Remodel

Ah, this was quite a project.  All new windows, siding (vinyl lapped shingle siding), new drive-way, and a new lawn after moving to